Scope of Business

In the 1960's, many engineers tried to use finite element method (FEM) as a main
engineering tool in the structure analysis, which was achieved under many type
of restrictions.

In the 1970's,in accordance with the development of computer performance, as
well as pre/post processor, operator's burden reduces dramatically, which changed
the size of analysis model much larger than before.

In the 1980's, when the workstation and the personal computer are available for
ordinary design engineers, FEM spread them rapidly. In addition, the adaptive
mesh generation technology made it possible to create mesh independent of
operator's capability.

In the 1990's, as the meshless analysis became applicable, it became possible
to analyze any structure without concerning the reliability on meshing.

After above-mentioned 40 years of history, most of the problems of structure
analysis can be solved, as long as the engineers with some expertise handles with

As a result, the most important issue in engineering analysis draws attention
again. In other words, the modeling technique needs many different kind of
experience in engineering field.

Meanwhile, the modeling technique can be defined as follows;

Translation of predominant factor of physical phenomenon into virtual model which
is described by mathematical language.

Even after a long history of computational mechanics, perfectly reliable
calculation technique is not available yet, nor precise material data.

Under such circumstances, the following efforts are required to overcome the

(1) Create a reasonable model for analysis, which approximate the actual
physical phenomenon.
(2) Select the most essential parameters which governs the physical phenomenon.
(3) analysis model might be simplified, or some parameters might be neglected,
as needed.
(4) Substitute by the sensitivity analysis, so that general trend can be seen.

However, each of the above-mentioned effort needs a well trained engineers with
a long experiences. Because of the difficulty of promotion, we still do not have
a sufficient number of such engineers

As a result, the modeling process has become necessary to divide into 2(two)
(1) Problems with precedent examples need to be handled by design engineers
(2) Problems, which need professional skill, are to be handled by engineers
with a good amount of experience.

Such engineers with long experience play an important roll in their own companies,
but because of the insufficient number of them, they must concentrate on the
effort for maintaining their skill.

With this background, my company provide you with well trained engineer,
regarding structure, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, so that your problems can
be solved promptly.

In the gallery panel of this WEB site, if you find the case which approximate
your problem, I will explain that in detail, in response to your request.

Promotion of young engineers, who do not have a good chance to improve their
skill, is an important part of my business. I will cooperate with you for such
promotion, as needed.

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